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14TH-002 is OneForTheHeads second t-shirt. It features an all-over-print of a photograph taken in 1999 by Ewen Spencer at Twice As Nice at The End nightclub in London's West End on the front. The back features an individual number above a stack of classic UK garage cassette tapes. These photographs appear in Ewen Spencer's limited edition photography book and his Dazed Music Nation documentary broadcast on Channel 4, both entitled UKG (Brandy & Coke). This t-shirt is limited to an edition of 300 pieces and ships with a signed, individually numbered certificate detailing the beginnings of Ewen Spencer's photographic documentary of the UK garage scene.

The UK garage scene started in the mid 1990s descending from the vocal-led US garage scene. US garage had its origins in Chicago house music, which spawned the overground rave scene. House music changed as the sound made its way East to New Jersey, morphing into speed garage in the UK, so called because DJs pitched up dub mixes to +8 on their vinyl decks. A world away from the post-rave period, UK garage saw people wearing smart designer clothing and drinking champagne. It was completely different to everything else going on at the time; a genuinely exciting British subculture epitomising triumph over difficult circumstances. 

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